Introducing Versa Forma


So here this is it. The beginning, the inception, the inauguration. Versa Forma have a blog. But why? Well essentially we want to tell you more about ourselves, whats going on behind the scenes and more importantly we want to find out more about you guys.

So let me tell you a (very) small amount about myself - my name is Nathan and I'm an Owners/Directors of Versa Forma and I'm currently the CEO. But do not worry, you won't have to put up with me too much. I'm not so interesting.

So who will you be hearing from? We have a number of athletes and colleagues who are far more interesting than I am.

And the big question is what will you be reading within the Versa Blog? Ultimately that's down to you. We want to know what you want to know, what you want to hear about and who from. 

Don't worry - today I'm keeping it short and sweet. We will be trying to get as much content out there as we can. Everything from training & nutritional tips, to behind the scenes with Versa Forma. We will have weekly/monthly features from myself and our athletes.

Tomorrow we will discuss the Versa Forma Origins and our long term ambitions as a brand and for our customers.

Featuring our Athlete - Sophie Brewster

Featuring model - Jonny Graham

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